Do to the nature of the contents in the MyDipKits, expedited delivery is not permitted under federal law. All orders are shipped via ground delivery. Shippers of choice are typically UPS and/or FedEx. These shippers will not ship to P.O. Box addresses. All kits are delivered to physical addresses only. Typically, orders ship 1-3 business days from date of purchase. Please note there are special occassions where order shipments can take an extended period of time, such as Holidays or unexpected supply shortages. Please understand that these instances are rare, but understand they can happen, and we will work to resolve any of the situations as quickly and diligently as possible. 

Shipping; Risk of Loss; Security Interest
Customer agrees that Timber's Edge Outdoor Products is not a shipping company, but an online retailer. Timber's Edge Outdoor Products does not stock nor ship any of the products available for purchase on our website. Customer agrees that Timber's Edge Outdoor Products as a matter of convenience only will arrange and collect payment from customer at the time of the customer's order. Customer agrees that Timber's Edge Outdoor Products will arrange shipment of the order with the manufacturer or distribution center that houses the product ordered. Customer agrees that all shipping costs and shipping liabilities shall be the responsibility of the customer. Timber's Edge Outdoor Products charges shipping and handling fees for every shipment, unless a special promotion or contract term provides otherwise; such cost includes the freight charged by the carrier, packaging, and handling, but does not necessarily equal a direct pass-through of such cost to the customer. Customer agrees that all RISK OF LOSS SHALL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF CUSTOMER AND CUSTOMER SHALL HAVE NO RECOURSE WITH TIMBER'S EDGE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS IN THE EVENT A LOSS OCCURS DURING SHIPMENT. THE ONLY RECOURSE CUSTOMER SHALL HAVE IS THROUGH A NEW PURCHASE WITH TIMBER'S EDGE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS AND OR REIMBURSEMENT FROM THE CUSTOMER'S CARRIER OF CHOICE. Delivery times are estimates only and Timber's Edge Outdoor Products shall not be liable for delays. Timber's Edge Outdoor Products retains a security interest in the products until payment in full is received.