The Only Real Water Transfer Printing Kit on the Market

MyDipKit is the original professional grade do it yourself water transfer printing kit formulated by the leading North American distributor for the commercial industry of water transfer printing. The materials in our kits are designed specifically for the professional hydro-dipping process by individuals with extensive experience. For your convenience, we have combined the same professional grade materials in an at home do it yourself kit.


MyDipKit is an at home, do it yourself version of the commercial process known as water transfer printing. This allows you to process parts on a small scale in your home. MyDipKit was not designed for commercial applications, but was designed for the everyday, do it yourself enthusiast. The kit contains the printed film, chemicals, and basic supplies needed for processing parts at home. This is the same process that gun and ATV manufacturers use to print camo patterns on their guns and ATVs. In addition this is the same process that automotive manufacturers use to print wood grain patterns on plastic interior pieces.

How Does It Work?

See How It Works In This Basic Instructional Video!

Water transfer printing, also called hydrographics or camo dipping, is the process that transfers an image or pattern to a 3D surface. Traditional printing methods cannot fully print on 3D objects, especially if there is hard to reach areas, or if the object is odd shaped. The water transfer printing process eliminates these issues by submerging the item into water, covering the whole surface. The hydrographics process can be done on any material that can hold the base coat and that can be submerged into water safely. Some materials that the process works on include metals, wood, plastic, stone, Bakelite, ceramic, etc.